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FAQ ID # 15
I installed a newer version of one of your products under Windows 98/ME, and now older PEmicro program are giving an application exception. What should I do?
A flaw exists in some previous (but relatively new) versions of our driver install. New product installs will not have this problem.

The problem will affect Windows 98/ME customers who have installed a recently built version of one of our products (such as Cyclone Pro for instance) on a machine with an older installed version of a different software package (such as an old version of ICS08GPGTZ) when they run the older installed software package (in this case ICS08GPGTZ). In this case, the ICS08GPGTZ may cause an exception on Windows 98/ME which terminates the application.

The way the drivers were being installed was causing old installs problems on some versions of Win 98/ME. If a customer has an exception occur on Windows 98/ME from one of our older software packages, and they do not want to upgrade their software, they can fix this by the following method:

(1) Browse to c:windowssystem32drivers and delete the files : "VICHW11.SYS", "GIVEIO.SYS", "PEDRV.SYS"

(2) Use REGEDIT to open the registry and delete the following key folder:


Note that only the VICHW11 folder should be deleted.

The user MUST reboot their system for the changes to take effect.

These steps should only be taken on Windows 98/ME, and ony if the user sees the exception problem detailed above.

Either one of these steps will solve the exception, and we recommend that customers do both.

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