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FAQ ID # 113
I cannot connect to my target with the USB-ML-1632 USB interface while using PROG32Z or ICD32Z. I can connect just fine if I am using the Cable16/32 parallel port interface.
First, make sure your USB drivers are installed correctly:

USB Driver FAQ

The USB-ML-16/32 hardware has a transient suppression device built in to protect the debug signals which are connected to the target microcontroller. One side affect of using these protection devices is that they add a significant amount of capacitance to the protected lines. We have recently noted that on some customer target boards the TVS on the USB-ML-16/32 prevents the target microcontroller from coming out of reset. This is due to the fact that it adds capacitance to the target’s reset line and slows the rise time to the extent where the target microcontroller re-enters reset automatically.

The simple work around is to remove the transient suppression device (TVS) from the USB-ML-16/32. This may be done with a soldering iron. The TVS device is marked T2 and is shown in the following photo. This device may be safely removed without affecting the functionality of the USB-ML-16/32 device and should correct this issue. If your USB-ML-16/32 does not have the T2 TVS mounted, then it has already been removed at the factory.

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