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How do I store multiple images onto my Cyclone?

1. Install the latest installation software for your Cyclone (see the product page on for the latest version). If you are using the older SAP Configuration utility, you should uninstall it from Control Panel first. Reboot your pc after the install is completed.

2. Open Cyclone Image Creation Utility. Select the target architecture from the drop down box at the top. Create your programming script by double clicking on the commands under the "Programming Sequence" panel or use the Launch Script Wizard. After completing the stand alone configuration, click 'Store Image to Disk' to save the current configuration onto your hard drive as a .SAP file. Save each programming script you create as a different .SAP file.

3. Open the Cyclone Control GUI. Choose the appropriate port and click connect. Press "Add Image ..." to bring up the dialog box. Select the .SAP file that was previously saved. Repeat this until all your SAP files have been added. Then press Apply Changes. The images will be loaded onto your Cyclone.

4. Please refer to our article on the Cyclone Control Suite: Cyclone Control GUI for a more detailed work through.

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