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FAQ ID # 1
I was working with my HCS12(X) target processor and suddenly I can no longer communicate with it. Any ideas?
There is a good chance you have set the security bits in the processor. These security bits are mapped into the main flash array and care has to be taken when programming them. A secure device will not respond to normal background debug requests. PEmicro has a free application, UNSECURE12, which is designed to communicate and unsecure a secure device. Note that this is done by erasing the device and as such all information stored in the device will be erased. The UNSECURE12 utility is attached to this FAQ. If you have difficulty communicating with the processor in UNSECURE12, connect the MODA and MODB pins to ground which will boot the chip in special single chip mode.

Please note that this utility is not compatible with the Cyclone LC Universal or Cyclone FX Universal.

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Unsecure_12 - Utility which unsecures HC(S)12(X) devices via PEmicro's BDM Interfaces such as Cyclone-PRO, USB-ML-12, and BDM-Multilink. All information on the device will be erased. This version supports the Rev B and Rev C Multilink. It can now unsecure the XExxx and Pxxx.

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HC(S)12(X) Debugger, Flash Programming Software BDM MultilinkReplace, DEMO9S08JM16, CYCLONEPRO, ICD12Z, BDM MULTILINK, USB-ML-12, PROG12Z
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