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PEmicro's CYCLONE and CYCLONE FX Programmers

Our Cyclones are versatile production programmers that can be fully automated or used in stand-alone mode. They support a wide variety of NXP and other manufacturer devices. PEmicro offers both standard CYCLONE programmers and faster, more fully-featured CYCLONE FX programmers. At each level, customers can choose between support for ARM devices only, or both ARM and NXP 8-/16-/32-bit devices, which represents an incredibly wide arrray of supported devices.

Our support center hosts the latest drivers for PEmicro hardware interfaces.

CYCLONE Programmers

PEmicro's Cyclone programmers are full-featured, next-generation Cyclones that can perform in-circuit flash programming, debug, and test. They include these great features:

  • Many Supported Architectures
  • Multiple Communications Interfaces (USB, Ethernet, Serial)
  • Generous On-Board Storage
  • Power Switching
  • Multiple Image Support
  • Extended Security Features
  • Touchscreen LCD Display
  • Serial Number Programming
  • Cyclone Control Suite for Cyclone automation and control

Read the User Manual for CYCLONE Programmers.

Visit the Cyclone product page for more info and downloads.

CYCLONE FX Programmers

PEmicro's Cyclone FX programmers are our flagship in-circuit flash programming, debug, and test solutions, which add an array of speed, security, storage, and other enhancements. See why the Cyclone FX is our premier solution:

  • Blazing programming speed saves you valuable time.
  • Huge internal memory makes managing images simple.
  • Enhanced security features help lock down your IP.
  • An SD port gives you the convenience of expandable memory.
  • Expansion ports enable unique, valuable plug-ins such as a barcode scanner for programming.
  • Cyclone Control Suite for Cyclone automation and control, including advanced features.

Read the User Manual for CYCLONE FX Programmers.

Visit the Cyclone FX product page for more info and downloads.

The Cyclone and Cyclone FX platforms each includes two part numbers. One part number supports ARM Cortex devices only, and the other supports ARM Cortex devices as well as a variety of 8-/16-/32-bit NXP devices. See below for an exact listing:

Architectures supported by
Cypress:PRoC-BLE, PSoC4, PSoC5
NordicSemi:nRF51, nRF52
NXP:Automotive, iMX, Kinetis, LPC, Sensors, Vybrid
Silergy (Maxim):MAX716xx
Silicon Labs:EFM32, EFR32, SiM3
Texas Instruments:LM3S, LM4, SimpleLink, TM4C12x
Toshiba:TX00, TX03, TX04

Automation & Control: Cyclone Control Suite

PEmicro's Cyclone Control Suite allows developers to automate the production programming process using PEmicro's Cyclones. It is included with our latest-generation CYCLONE and CYCLONE FX programmers. The suite includes 3 components which each offer the user a different method of control & automation:

Older Cyclone Programmers

PEmicro offers a few older models of Cyclones.

The Cyclone MAX supports a set of NXP device architectures, and will soon be discontinued and replaced by PEmicro's next-gen Cyclone and Cyclone FX programmers. The Cyclone PRO has been discontinued. Both of these models are part of PEmicro's Cyclone Trade-In Program and can be traded in to reduce the cost of purchasing PEmicro's current generation of Cyclone programmers.

The Cyclone for Renesas and Cyclone for STMicro each provide support for a set of architectures from those device manufacturers, respectively.

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