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SiliconLabs Simplicity Studio 4 and 5 : Installing PEmicro Multilink and Cyclone Support

Dec 20, 2022

Simplicity Studio 4 and 5 are Eclipse-based IDEs by Silicon Labs which support development and debugging of code on EFM32 devices. PEmicro provides hardware debug probes which provide sophisticated debug of these same EFM32 devices. This blog demonstrates the three steps needed to install and configure PEmicro Multilink and Cyclone debug support in Simplicity Studio. 

UPDATE: All following steps now apply to Simplicity Studio 5


Flash Secure/Unsecure for Silicon Labs Gecko Devices with Time-Sensitive AAPs

Mar 25, 2019

PEmicro considers the privacy of its customers' intellectual property to be of utmost importance. Silicon Labs' 32-bit devices feature an Authentication Access Port (AAP) as part of their security features, and for some of these devices, a debugger may have a limited time to access this port when communicating with an unsecured device. With that in mind, PEmicro software supports secure, unsecure, and mass-erase for Silicon Labs devices with these debug time-sensitivities, which can help users keep their valuable data safe.


How to use PEMicro's Multilink and Cyclone Interfaces with Keil's MDK-ARM IDE

Apr 13, 2018

PEmicro's run control and FLASH programming support is fully integrated into ARM's MDK-ARM Keil uVision Integrated Development Environment v5.25 for ARM microcontrollers. This provides debug capabilities via PEmicro's Multilink, Cyclone and embedded OpenSDA debug interfaces for a broad range of ARM devices from NXP, STMicroelectronics, Atmel, Cypress, Infineon, Silicon Labs and many others. For complete list of ARM devices that PEMicro supports, please visit the following page: