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by Zahar Raskin & Keith McNeil

PEmicro is pleased to announce our latest Eclipse-based GDB Plugins for ARM devices with Java 11 support compatibility. Java 11 support was introduced in PEmicro's ARM plugin version 4.9.2 in April of 2021, and all ongoing PEmicro plugin releases include Java 11 support, as well as backwards compatibility with Eclipse IDEs that still rely on Java 8-based JDK. Java 11 is a prerequisite for native Eclipse IDEs, starting from version 2020-12, as well as some proprietary Eclipse based IDEs from NXP (MCUXpresso IDE) and STmicroelectronics (STM32CubeIDE).    


by Johnny Ng

Note: This blog post was updated on 24 June 2022 to reflect a change to the Console command.

Note: This blog post was updated on 10 October 26 to reflect a change in the licensing for Cyclone LC.

PEmicro has added a new feature to the Cyclone Control Suite that solves a difficult production issue for certain devices with ECC-enabled flash when programming dynamic data.

The Cyclone Control SDK and Cyclone Control Console support a new feature called Specify Overlay Programming that will be very helpful for devices such as the Infineon TriCore, Infineon Traveo-II, or NXP Qorivva. This blog post demonstrates how to use Specify Overlay Programming.

Now available in the latest Cyclone LC and Cyclone FX Installation Software


by Keith McNeil

PEmicro's Cyclone LC Universal and Cyclone FX Universal programmers have added support for Infineon's AUDO™ TC1xx and AURIX™ TC2xx and TC3xx TriCore devices, which are are ideal for optimized motor control applications and signal processing tasks. This makes them a preferred choice for many automotive and industrial applications. 


by Juan See

The Boot Mode Index (BMI) is a 2-Byte value stored in Flash that holds information about the start-up mode and debug configuration of an Infineon XMC1000  device. From the factory, XMC1000 series devices are configured with ASC_BSL (ASC Bootstrap Load) mode by default. In ASC_BSL mode, ARM Serial Wire Debug (SWD) capabilities are disabled. During debug entry, PEmicro tools will automatically change the Boot Mode Index (BMI) to "User mode with debug enabled (UMD) SWD", allowing the user to communicate with the Infineon XMC 1000 series through SWD. 


by Steve McGrath

DAVE™ is an Eclipse-based IDE by Infineon which supports development and debugging of code on XMC1000 and XMC4000 devices. PEmicro's Multilink debug probes and Cyclone programmers can provide sophisticated debug for these Infineon devices via the DAVE™ IDE.  To use PEmicro's debug probes the user can simply install PEmicro's GDB Server Plug-In for ARM devices and then create a launch configuration.


by Julie Perreault

The Cyclone FX comes standard with many advanced features which aren't available by default on the Cyclone LC series of programmers. PEmicro offers a licensing mechanism to add three of these advanced Cyclone FX features to the Cyclone LC : ProCryption programming protection and encryption, Advanced Automation, and external SD card storage for images. 


by Zahar Raskin

PEmicro's run control and FLASH programming support is fully integrated into ARM's MDK-ARM Keil uVision Integrated Development Environment v5.25 for ARM microcontrollers. This provides debug capabilities via PEmicro's Multilink, Cyclone and embedded OpenSDA debug interfaces for a broad range of ARM devices from NXP, STMicroelectronics, Atmel, Cypress, Infineon, Silicon Labs and many others. For complete list of ARM devices that PEMicro supports, please visit the following page:


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