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PEmicro Adds High-Performance Pipelined Algorithms For Kinetis Programming

Sep 09, 2014

PEmicro has developed a new pipelined version of its flash programming engine for Kinetis and other ARM® Cortex™ devices with more than 4KB of RAM by leveraging some unique aspects of the architecture. This pipelining mechanism improves already fast programming rates by up to 50%.

Support has been released for most Kinetis devices with other device support to follow. The pipelined algorithms are available for use with the latest software/firmware versions of: Cyclone MAX, Cyclone for ARM devices, PROGACMP, Freescale's CodeWarrior and Kinetis Design Studio, and PEmicro's GDB Server.

Cyclone users will need the latest version of the software for their Cyclone to use the pipelined algorithms. The latest Cyclone MAX software is available to download from PEmicro's support center. The latest Cyclone for ARM devices software will be made available shortly. Contact PEmicro to update to the latest version of PROGACMP.

ARM is a registered trademark and Cortex is a trademark of ARM Limited.

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