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Boston, Massachusetts - P&E Microcomputer Systems announces the release of the powerful but cost-effective $99 ColdFire MCF5213 Development Kit. This kit includes the DEV5213CF evaluation board, which features an embedded P&E USB to BDM interface. The embedded interface provides for easy debug and FLASH programming of the resident ColdFire MCF5213 processor. The resident MCF5213 device is a 32-bit ColdFire processor which incorporates 256KB of flash, 32KBytes of ram, ADC, QSPI, PWMs, timers, a PLL, I2c, QSPI, and more. The processor runs at a system clock speed of up to 80MHZ, with 76MIPS of performance.

The 64K Starter Edition of the P&E’s PKGCFZPRO software development package is also incorporated into the MCF5213 kit. This software suite provides user with the capability to compile, debug, and flash program up to 64KB of user C code. This software suite includes the P&E In-Circuit Debugger, Flash Programmer, and WinIDE integrated environment, with a built-in GCC Compiler. The 64K Starter Edition also includes a sample template project to give you a jump start on an interrupt driven firmware design.

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