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Free Download: Tool for Viewing ELF/DWARF File Contents

Sep 26, 2008

If you use the ELF/DWARF file format with PEmicro's Programming or Debugging software, download one of our free C development kits to view the information within the ELF/DWARF file.  Use Readelf to examine your application memory map, check your linker script, determine application size, view detailed debugging information, and more.

We include the GNU Readelf utility with our C development kits, PKGPPCNEXUS for PowerPC 55xx and PKGCFZ_PRO for ColdFire.  These packages give you a complete set of development tools including the PEmicro ICD debugger, PROG Flash programming software, register viewing software, WinIDE editor, target specific project templates, and a GNU compiler toolchain.

Download PKGPPCNEXUS Starter Edition

Download PKGCFZ_PRO Starter Edition

You can control Readelf and the entire compiler toolchain from WinIDE.  During compilation, you can automatically process the compiler output file with Readelf and dump the information to a text file.  Also, take advantage of Readelf with any target architecture - if you're not targeting ColdFire or PowerPC 55xx, you can install one of our free C development kits and use WinIDE as a stand-alone ELF/DWARF viewer.

FAQ 118:  How do I configure WinIDE to launch Readelf?


FAQ 91:  How do I use ICD to debug my C source code using the ELF/DWARF debug file format?


UPDATE: Learn more about the Readelf output here.

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