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PEmicro Adds WiFi to Cyclone FX Programmers

PEmicro has announced WiFi support for its flagship Cyclone FX stand-alone programmers. In addition to existing USB and Ethernet connectivity, the Cyclone FX can now be controlled wirelessly over a WiFi network, simplifying cabling requirements and allowing untethered debug/program of targets. The WiFi feature is available in the latest versions of PEmicro software and is supported by Cyclone FX Rev. C and higher.

Getting Started

After downloading and installing the latest software, run Cyclone Control GUI and connect to the Cyclone FX. This will initiate a firmware and Wifi update. Note that this initial setup will require the USB or Ethernet connection.

Figure 1. Firmware update using Cyclone Control GUI

Scanning and Connecting to a WiFi network in Cyclone Control GUI

Within Cyclone Control GUI, navigate to the "Network Settings" tab to find the WiFi settings. Click on the "Scan" button to find nearby wireless 2.4G networks. Select the desired network, click the Connect button, and enter the password.

Figure 2 Scan and Connect in Cyclone Control GUI

Scanning and Connecting to a WiFi network via LCD

WiFi scanning and connecting can also be done via the LCD screen of the Cyclone FX. Click on the Menu button and navigate through WiFi Configuration -> Scan Networks. Check the desired network and you will be prompted to type the password.

Figure 3 Main Menu -> WiFi Configuration

Figure 4 WiFi Configuration -> Scan Networks

Figure 5 Select desired network

Using WiFi with PEmicro software

Once connected, you can seamlessly use the WiFi connected Cyclone FX the same way as if you had an Ethernet connection. For example, the WiFi Cyclone will appear in Cyclone Control GUI or PROG software in the same list as any Ethernet connected Cyclones!

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