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Guide for Users Transitioning From Legacy Hardware

As technology evolves over time, PEmicro occasionally retires hardware and software products and classifies them as Legacy items, which are no longer sold or actively supported. When this happens there will almost always be a newer product available as a replacement part, accompanied by a substantial grace period that gives customers time to plan and adapt as necessary. PEmicro tries to make the transition to newer products as painless as possible, so our new products are often drop-in replacements with few additional updates required.

PEmicro has put together a single resource page that includes transition and support information for all of our legacy hardware products, including legacy Cyclone programmers, USB Multilinks, and Parallel Port Debug Probes. The legacy hardware support and transition page should help users more quickly find all of the information they need regarding their legacy product, including documentation, replacement part information, and any special transition support that's necessary.

Please feel free to contact us if you feel there are other useful ways this page could support the legacy hardware transition process.

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