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PEmicro Adds Support for Renesas RA8

Mar 14, 2024

PEmicro's development and production programmers now support Renesas RA8 series MCUs.  

The Renesas RA8M1 group features the industry's first 32-bit microcontrollers based on the ARM Cortex-M85 (CM85) core, delivering breakthrough performance of over 3000 CoreMark points at 480 MHz, with fully deterministic, low latency, real-time operation that enables customers’ most demanding application needs. 

The RA8D1 MCU Group, also based on the ARM Cortex-M85 core, is the industry's first 32-bit graphics-enabled microcontroller also delivering breakthrough performance of over 3000 CoreMark points at 480 MHz and superior graphics capabilities that enable high resolutions display and Vision AI applications. 

These are general-purpose MCU devices and address diverse high-performance and compute-intensive applications in Industrial Automation, Home Appliances, Smart Home, Consumer, Building/Home Automation, and Medical/Healthcare market segments.

PEmicro's Cyclone programmers can be used for secure production programming of these devices, including control and automation. In addition, Multilink debug probes with PROGACMP programmer software, and the GDB Server Eclipse IDE plug-in are ideally suited for the development process.

Users should feel free to contact PEmicro with any questions about working with these devices.

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