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PEmicro Adds Support for .BIN Data Files to Programming Tools

Dec 20, 2023

PEmicro has announced support for binary (.BIN) data files for its popular Cyclone stand-alone programmers and PROG & CPROG flash programming software. Previously users would need to convert this type of file to the .S19 format using a free utility. This new support for binary files comes in the form of the "QB" command, which together with the "QO" command highlights a new queue-based approach towards programming data files. 

The QB command is used to specify a raw binary data file to be queued; the user also specifies the starting address.

QB Command

This command adds the specified binary data file to the Queued Program Data Command List, just like the "QO" command might add an .S19, HEX, or ELF file. Users who wish to learn about this new approach and its related commands should consult the article Queuing Data Files in PROG - "QO" and "QB" Commands Replace "SS" Command.

Software Updates

The latest software version is required to take advantage of the QB command for binary file support. Touchscreen Cyclone owners can simply download and install the latest software, and Multilink users who have purchaed PROG or PKG software within the last year are eligible to receive a free update. Those using older software are welcome to purchase an update and should feel free to contact PEmicro with any questions at 

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