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Texas Instruments' MSPM0x Devices Supported, Factory Reset Ability Added

Feb 20, 2024

Update: as of Feb 20th, 2024, MSPM0L1345 & MSPM0L1346 supported, MSPM0C device family supported, and Factory Reset support added.

PEmicro's development and production tools now support MSPM0L and MSPM0G ARM Cortex-M0+ MCUs from Texas Instruments. ARM Cortex-M0+ MCUs are highly scalable and deliver the sensing and processing features that developers are seeking.

PEmicro's Cyclone programmers can be used for secure production programming of these devices, including control and automation. In addition, a Multilink debug probe paired with PROGACMP programming software, and the GDB Server Eclipse IDE plug-in are ideally suited for the development process.

Users should feel free to contact PEmicro with any questions about working with Texas Instrument MSPM0L and MSPM0G microcontroller devices.

Factory Reset Update (Feb 20th, 2024): 

With Cyclone v11.36 and PROG v9.43, support for performing a factory reset has been added for TI MSPM0 devices. A factory reset can help recover the MSPM0 device if connection to the debug probe keeps failing.

Using the PROG flash programming software, MSPM0 devices can be factory reset by enabling the "Mass erase upon connection to target" checkbox option. With the checkbox enabled, the target device will be factory reset upon attempting to connect. After connecting, the board will be restored and able to work normally with our debug probe tools.

To factory reset when creating a Cyclone Image or cloud-connected Job, the "Mass erase upon connection to target" checkbox must be selected when generating. In the Cyclone Image Creation Utility, toggle to the "Power and Communication" tab and enable the mass erase option under Communication Settings. Build and deploy to the Cyclone. When the Image/Job is executed, it will perform the factory reset before running the other commands specified in the SAP image. 

Note: The MSPM0C device family will return an error after the factory reset connection attempt. As a result, the MSPM0C devices require two connection attempts in order to fully recover with a factory reset. The first attempt should enable the "Mass erase upon connection to target" checkbox, which will reset the device. After the connection attempt with factory reset, an error will be returned despite the device being reset. Deactivate the mass erase checkbox and attempt the connection again. The device should now be factory reset and able to connect. 

For SAP images or cloud-connected Jobs targeting an MSPM0C device, it is helpful to include a dedicated Image/Job for performing the factory reset. After the factory reset image is performed and errors, the normal programming image can run successfully. 

Please contact PEmicro with any questions or clarifications on the factory reset.

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