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PEcloud Launches: A Cloud-Based, Production Programming Management Platform

Apr 20, 2023

PEmicro has announced the launch of PEcloud, a cutting-edge platform that offers unparalleled control and visibility into users' production programming Jobs which run worldwide on Cyclone programmers.

Previously the Cyclone used only SAP (Stand-Alone Programming) Images. Now Cloud-Connected Jobs are a new type of programming image that use a secure connection from the Cyclone to the PEcloud platform to provide additional control, features, and visibility to the user. PEcloud users manage these Jobs in their own Virtual Factories (VFs). Each VF space can be organized as the user sees fit in order to connect specific Cyclones, programming Jobs, and PEcloud users together logistically. Users can upload programming Jobs to PEcloud, which provides an easy-to-use online interface to manage workflow. Or a Job can also be loaded onto a local Cyclone without use of the cloud, but the cloud can still be used to monitor and manage it. 

PEcloud allows for unprecedented visibility of, and control over, programming operations. Jobs being used in manufacturing can be paused, deleted, or updated. Programming logs for Jobs can be viewed, and unique device and dynamic programming data can be inspected. Serial numbers, programming count restrictions, and shared dynamic data are managed across all Cyclones running a Job. This system reduces distribution overhead and minimizes the risk of errors while increasing security.

PEmicro uses AWS, which is respected for its uptime and performance, to help enable PEcloud.  

Explore a more detailed overview of PEcloud.

PEcloud Interface Virtual Factory View

There is currently no cost for using PEcloud; users are welcome to visit the PEcloud website and give it a try.

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