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Debug Authentication and Lifecycle Management

Mar 10, 2023

PEmicro will show its latest debug authorization technologies at Embedded World 2023, March 14-16 -- Hall 4, Booth 648.

Silicon Manufacturers like NXP, ST, and Renesas are placing security aspects at the forefront, including a secure debug connection. 

With tools like its Secure Boot Management Utility (for NXP's i.MX and LPC devices), PEmicro has been taking the lead in creating solutions that go above and beyond those provided by the manufacturer in order to make the development process as hassle-free and error-proof as possible. 

More information is available regarding Using PEmicro's i.MX RT10xx Secure Boot Utility, along with a deep dive into Production Programming NXP i.MX RT10xx devices with Secure Boot. These articles really get to the heart of what PEmicro's Secure Boot utility provides for the user. We also implemented similar technology for LPC devices which is covered in Secure Boot Programming for NXP LPC55Sxx Processors

In addition, PEmicro offers debug/security authorization solutions for NXP's S32K3xx & LPC55Sxx devices and Renesas' RA devices. More about the S32K3xx solution is available in the article S32K3xx Secure Debug Support, and information regarding Lifecycle Support is presented in Renesas RA Devices: Device Lifecycle Programming Support.

PEmicro is collaborating with ST in their STM32 MCU to fortify customers' intellectual property in a safe way with confidentiality, authentication, and integrity checks. Look forward later this year for more information about this security collaboration.

Questions about any of these PEmicro security tools are welcome at:

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