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Cyclone Control Suite Supported on Linux/macOS

by Keith McNeil on Mar 10, 2023

Watch PEmicro demonstrate a first-look into this new feature at Embedded World 2023, March 14-16 -- Hall 4, Booth 648.

Check for updates soon for when this will be publicly released in the cyclone software installer.

PEmicro's Cyclone programmers will soon support advanced control and automation features in both Linux and macOS. This support extends to all the three components of the Cyclone Control Suite - the Control GUI, Control Console, and Control SDK - which gives the user a great deal of flexibility when planning a solution.  

Control and automation features will be included with both Cyclone LC and Cyclone FX models, so users wishing to try Linux or macOS control & automation features will be able to simply download the deliverable for their operating system from the Support & Downloads tab on PEmicro's Cyclone page.

Users should consult the latest version of the Cyclone LC or Cyclone FX user manual for information about Linux/macOS as it applies to the Control GUI, Control Console, and Control SDK.

The minimum required versions are:

  • macOS: 10.13 High Sierra
  • Linux: 18.04 LTS

Note that programming image creation still requires a Windows-based system.

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