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PEmicro Adds Supports for Infineon 32-bit TRAVEO(tm) T2G ARM® Cortex® Microcontrollers

Jul 28, 2023

Update, July 28, 2023: PEmicro now supports entire Traveo T2G family including 32-bit Traveo T2G Arm Cortex for Cluster.

PEmicro's development and production tools now support Infineon's 32-bit Traveo(tm) T2G ARM® Cortex® devices. This includes both subfamilies Traveo T2G Arm Cortex for Body and Traveo T2G Arm Cortex for Cluster.

T2G microcontrollers are based on ARM Cortex-M4 (Single core) / M7 (Single core/Dual core) and deliver high-performance, enhanced human-machine interfaces, high security, and advanced networking protocols tailored for a broad range of automotive applications such as electrification, body control modules, gateway, and infotainment applications.

Based on the powerful ARM Cortex-M series, in single and dual core operation, TRAVEO™ T2G for automotive body offers state-of-the-art, real-time performance, and safety and security features. These MCUs are used in motor control for hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV/EV), body electronics.

TRAVEO™ T2G Instrument Cluster offers high display resolution, superior performance and multiple displays with dynamic content. All while using less power and less memory.

PEmicro's development and production tools now support these TRAVEO T2G devices. Cyclone programmers can be used for secure production programming of these devices, including control and automation. In addition, Multilink debug probes with PROGACMP programmer, and GDB Server Eclipse IDE plug-in are ideally suited for the development process.

Users should feel free to contact PEmicro with any questions about working with Infineon TRAVEO T2G microcontrollers  devices.

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