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PEmicro at ST Technology Tour in Burlington, MA (and Cyclone FX Giveaway)

by Keith McNeil on Oct 27, 2022

PEmicro is attending ST Technology Tour 2022 - Burlington on  Weds., November 2. Our demonstration will use a Cyclone FX to program and run a series of custom test applications, query a remote server for data and then use the data retrieved to perform key Injection on the target,  and program dynamic data.

We'll have a booth running this demo at certain points during the day:

  • Breakfast demo: 9 to10:30am 
  • Lunch demo: 11:45am to 1:30pm 
  • Afternoon demo: 3 to 4:30pm

Please come visit us!



PEmicro is running a Cyclone FX giveaway (attendance at the conference is not required to enter). To enter, please read the rules and submit your email on this giveaway page (congrats to giveaway winner Eric Klein of Diebold Nixdorf). Participants will have until November 2, 2022 at 4pm EDT to submit an entry.

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