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Advanced Automation Features Now Included On All Cyclones (Update Download Available)

Automation features have always been central to PEmicro's Cyclone programmers because of the customization and control they give users over the crucial production programming process. The right features implemented well can result in significant savings of time and money.

PEmicro now makes all of our advanced control/automation features standard with every Cyclone. Cyclone LC users (PEmicro part#s Cylcone-LC-UNIV and Cyclone-LC-ARM) can update their Cyclone software now to immediately add these powerful features at no additional cost. The updated software can be downloaded here: Cyclone LC and Cyclone FX Installation Software.

The Cyclone Control Suite consists of three components, each of which focuses on a different method of control/automation. New (or even experienced) users can read our blog posts to learn much more about these three components:

  1. Cyclone Control GUI (Manaual control)
  2. Cyclone Control Console (Command-line control)
  3. Cyclone Control SDK (Comprehensive API for custom software)  - Read specific articles on C (MSVC and GCC), LabVIEW, C#, Python, Visual Basic. Delphi/FPC also available.  

All of these components contain advanced features that are standard for all Cyclones. These include:

  • Simultaneous (Gang) Control of multiple Cyclones via the USB, Serial, or Ethernet connections
  • Add/Remove/Update multiple images in the Cyclone (SDK, Console, GUI)
  • Program (and Read) Dynamic Data in addition to fixed image data
  • Specify Overlay Program Data
  • Compare images against a SAP file

These features greatly enhance production programming setups by increasing the number of Cyclones that can be controlled simultaneously, improving the ability to add dynamic data, and other extremely valuable options.

Note: One special testing feature that was previously enabled by the upgrade license, "Run Test," allows the user to insert test procedures into their programming scripts prior to the programming step. This feature is now available on the Cyclone FX model only.

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