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by Edison Tam

The following is an errata sheet which concerns a potential issue with some versions of USB Multilink Universal Rev. E, including how to determine if the user has the affected product, the specifics of the issue at hand, and what the current solutions are. 

Summary: Reset signal (pin 4) on Port C does not toggle. This can potentially cause debug entry problems for the following NXP processor families: HCS08, HC(S)12(X), S12Z, ColdFire+ V1, and ColdFire V1. However, many of these processors do not require the reset signal for debugging and will not be affected by this errata. The HC(S)12(X) and S12Z processors are expected to be the most impacted.

Affected products: This errata affects part number USB-ML-UNIVERSAL Rev E with date code 1121.

The revision and date code can be identified on the rear case label, as shown below. 

Multilink Universal Rev. E Rear Label


  1. Use the RS08 Adapter which plugs into Port E of the Multilink. This adapter was designed to allow the Multilink to be used with RS08 processors, but supported all affected devices. Contact PEmicro at to obtain this adapter at no cost if you have a Multilink Rev E with date code 1121. (Generally ships same day).

  2. Contact PEmicro at to exchange for a new USB Multilink Universal that is not affected by this errata. (Requires return of affected hardware).

  3. If soldering tools are available, the USB Multilink Universal can be reworked by connecting a single wire between Port C pin 4 and Port E pin 7. Separate the plastic case first to access the circuit board and then make the desired connection, as shown below:

Soldered Wire for Multilink Rework 

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