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Cyclone & Multilink Now Support Renesas' SmartBond TINY™ DA14531

Jan 19, 2022

Renesas' SmartBond TINY™ DA14531 is now supported by PEmicro's popular Cyclone and Multilink tools. The SmartBond DA14531 device is based on the world’s smallest and lowest power Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 SoC. It's an innovative ARM processor, suitable for battery-powered wearable devices, that can provide significant savings in development cost and time-to-market.

PEmicro offers compatible development tools (Multilink debug probes with PROGACMP programmer, GDB Server Eclipse IDE plug-in) and production programming tools (Cyclone in-system programmers) to help make Renesas ARM device projects easier and more cost-effective.

Feel free to contact PEmicro with any questions about using Multilink, Cyclone, and other tools with Renesas devices.

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