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PEmicro Announces Development Tool Support for NXP’s New S32K3 Automotive MCU Family

PEmicro, an NXP® Semiconductors Gold Partner, has announced a range of development tool support for the S32K3 Automotive MCU family for next generation body, zone, and domain control applications. Tightly integrated with NXP’s evaluation boards and S32 Design Studio IDE, PEmicro tools provide a powerful platform for the evaluation, development, and production programming stages of the product cycle.

The S32K3 microcontrollers extend the performance and memory scalability of the successful S32K1 family while adding advanced safety, security, and connectivity features. Single, dual, and lockstep-configured Arm® Cortex®-M7 cores combine ECC-enabled Flash/RAM memories and multiple on-chip fault monitors to support ASIL B/D safety applications. Powerful timers and ADCs enable advanced motor control techniques while firmware over-the-air (FOTA) features facilitate remote ECU updates.

Complementing the hardware features are a range of NXP production grade software and tools including Real-Time Drivers (RTD) for AUTOSARTM and non-AUTOSAR, Standard Security Firmware, and the S32 Safety Software Framework (SAF). 

“NXP’s early collaboration with PEmicro’s engineers drove the creation of a comprehensive development tool suite tailored to the S32K3 family’s capabilities”, said Carlos Prada, Director of Global Partner Programs in NXP’s Automotive Processing business line. “Customers can leverage these tools to shorten their design phase and then automate their production programming procedures securely and cost-efficiently.”

PEmicro's debug interface is included on the new S32K3X4EVB-Q257 and S32K3X4EVB-Q172 evaluation boards removing the need for an external debug probe. For the product development phase, PEmicro’s Multilink debug probes enable fast and cost-effective prototyping. A powerful feature of the S32K3 MCU is the ability for the customer to provision the MCU with the HSE security firmware and then perform secure authentication and debugging in the S32 Design Studio IDE using the Multilink debug probe. PEmicro tools also support the debugging of multiple S32K3 MCU cores in parallel. 

Once development is complete, PEmicro's Cyclone line of sophisticated production programmers is designed to help S32K3 customers automate production programming procedures with ease of use, performance, and security in mind. With PC control as well as standalone capability, Cyclone tools allow customers to support production programming use cases that range from small batch programming to large factory environments containing multiple programming lines. Advanced Cyclone features include ProCryption security (RSA/AES encryption, programming counts and date limits), serialization and dynamic data programming, power management and advanced automation control for multiple Cyclone units remotely distributed over a network.  

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