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PEmicro Legacy Hardware Support Notice (In Effect As of 1 Oct. 2021)

Oct 01, 2021

Beginning October 1, 2021 the latest versions of PEmicro software will only be tested against and designed to work with the following PEmicro hardware interfaces:


  • USB ML Universal, Rev. C or later
  • USB ML Universal FX, Rev. B or later


  • Cyclone LC Universal
  • Cyclone LC ARM
  • Cyclone FX Universal
  • Cyclone FX ARM

These changes are necessitated by evolving operating systems and target requirements/features. 

Older hardware models are not guaranteed to work for future drivers, firmware, and software. This includes older models of Multilink debug probes manufactured circa 2015 and earlier, and older models of Cyclone flash programmers, manufactured circa 2016 and earlier.  

PEmicro customers can take advantage of PEmicro's Cyclone Trade-In or Multilink Trade-In programs to exchange their legacy hardware for a discount towards the purchase of new hardware. Users that have concerns or require additional help can contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What will happen to my current hardware and software? Will it stop working?

A1: Your current software and hardware will continue to work as is. It is only when you need to upgrade to a new software revision that your old hardware may not be supported. 

Q2: Will PEmicro continue to provide technical support for, or repair, legacy hardware?
A2: Technical support will continue to be offered for legacy products, however it is possible that when a setup stops working the solution will require a hardware upgrade. We do not carry any refurbished legacy products for sale. We accept broken and working Multilinks and Cyclones via our trade in program in exchange for a discount of a new hardware.

Q3: Are there patches available for older hardware?
A3: Users with older hardware may wish to check FAQ #211 for information about installing patches for CodeWarrior and other 3rd party IDEs which support legacy hardware. If this does not provide the relevant answer, users may contact

Q4: How can I trade in my legacy Multilink or Cyclone for a discount on a newer model?

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