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Java SE Dev Kit 11 Support Added to PEmicro's Eclipse-Based ARM IDE Plug-In

PEmicro is pleased to announce our latest Eclipse-based GDB Plugins for ARM devices with Java 11 support compatibility. Java 11 support was introduced in PEmicro's ARM plugin version 4.9.2 in April of 2021, and all ongoing PEmicro plugin releases include Java 11 support, as well as backwards compatibility with Eclipse IDEs that still rely on Java 8-based JDK. Java 11 is a prerequisite for native Eclipse IDEs, starting from version 2020-12, as well as some proprietary Eclipse based IDEs from NXP (MCUXpresso IDE) and STmicroelectronics (STM32CubeIDE).    

Installing The Latest GDB Server Plug-In

In order to install the latest PEmicro plugin into MCUXpresso, S32DS for ARM IDE, STM32CubeIDE or into any other Eclipse IDE, the user should go to Help -> Install New Software and point the “Work with” dialog box to PEmicro’s update site. Make sure to expand the “PEmicro Software” category and select the appropriate GDB ARM plugin. Please note that the top ARM plugin selection only installs support for a wide range of NXP ARM devices. At the same time, installing an Expansion Plugin pack gives users access to a full collection of supported ARM devices from many different device manufacturers:

Figure 1. PEmicro Plugin Update Selection.

PEmicro’s Eclipse-based GDB Server plug-in allows developers to use PEmicro’s Multilink and Cyclone interfaces to program and debug ARM and Power processors in many different Eclipse based IDEs. Together they provide the ability to rapidly develop and debug code for ARM and Power devices from many different device manufacturers.

These popular development IDEs include:


NXPs S32 Design Studio IDE for Arm® based MCUs

STMicroelectronics STM32CubeIDE

Silicon Labs' Simplicty Studio 4

Infineon's DAVE IDE

For more information about installing PEmicro's GDB ARM plugin within these IDEs, please visit our Third-Party IDEs page.

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