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Renesas Synergy S1/S3/S5/S7 Devices Now Supported by Cyclone & Multilink

Jan 19, 2022

PEmicro's Cyclone in-system programmers and Multilink debug probes now support programming of the Renesas Synergy™  S1, S3, S5 and S7 series of MCUs. Renesas Synergy Platform MCUs offer a variety of performance and feature sets and are ideal for IoT products and mobile devices.  The S5 series focuses on high integration and the S7 series focuses on high performance.

Current owners of PEmicro's touchscreen Cyclone programmers and Multilink ACP/Universal/Universal FX debug probes can take advantage of this support by simply updating their product to the latest firmware

Cyclone programmers do not require any additional software to program the Renesas Synergy MCUs. The current version of PEmicro's PROGACMP programming software can be used with Multilink to program these devices. 

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