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GigaDevice MCUs Now Supported by PEmicro Tools

PEmicro's development and production tools now support GigaDevice's GD32™ family of  microcontrollers. GD32 devices are fast, efficient, and cost-effective MCUs featuring ARM® Cortex®-M3 cores. They showcase GigaDevice’s advanced gFlash memory technology to extend functionality and increase design flexibility. GD32 Evaluation Boards & Starter Kits are available to assist with application prototyping.

The GD32 family is ideal for many applications; the GigaDevice website lists the following:

  • industrial control
  • user interfaces
  • motor drives
  • power monitors and alarm systems
  • consumer and handheld equipment
  • solar photovoltaic controls
  • touch panels
  • PC peripherals

Take advantage of PEmicro's Cyclone programmers, Multilink debug probes with PROGACMP programmer, and GDB Server Eclipse IDE plug-in to undertake your GigaDevice GD32 project with confidence.

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