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Python Support for ARM® Cortex™-M processors UNIT Library Routines Now Available

Oct 01, 2020

PEmicro has expanded its line of UNIT Library Interface Routines by adding a package for Python support for ARM® Cortex™-M processors. PEmicro's UNIT Libraries allow the user to create custom Windows applications that can fully control an ARM® Cortex™-M processor using either PEmicro's Cyclone programmers or Multilink debug probes.

UNIT libraries are frequently used to build custom production line testers. The libraries allow applications to peek and poke memory, peripherals, and other resources of the processor by using PEmicro interfaces to access the debug port. With these abilities, the application can perform tests of the target hardware, calculate target calibration data, or simply control the target using debug mode. 

PEmicro's UNITACMP is now free to download. Please visit the product page for more information and to download UNITACMP Library SDK for ARM® Cortex™-M processors.

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