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by Keith McNeil

PEmicro is changing its licensing for PROG software. Effective Monday, April 27, 2020 the license that activates PROG will reside on a Multilink debug probe rather than in the software itself. The user who activates the software will choose a Multilink on which to permanently install the license. This allows that Multilink to work with PROG on any machine where a supported version of the software is installed.

Note that the PROG software itself is unchanged, it is only the licensing which has been updated.

Part Number Updates

In order to reflect the new PROG licensing, we have updated our PROG part numbers. 

Compatible Hardware

Customers with older Multilinks and Cyclones should check whether their hardware supports the new licensing system; please see the hardware compatibility list below.  

Multilink Debug Probes

  • Multilink ACP (part#: USB-ML-ACP) - Rev. A or newer
  • Multilink Universal (part#: USB-ML-UNIVERSAL) - Rev. C or newer
  • Multilink Universal FX (part#: USB-ML-UNIVERSAL-FX) - Rev. B or newer

Note that Cyclone programmers include versions of PROG software so they do not require a PROG license.

Customers who finsd that they require a newer Multilink for the hardware-based license can take advantage of our Multilink Trade-In Program to receive a discount towards a new Multilink.

Those who have any other questions should contact us at

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