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Freescale offers certain development boards with an integrated debug circuit based on Open Source BDM. The Open Source BDM circuit design is an open source, community-driven design. It has been published on Freescale's website, and full documentation can be found in the Community Forums.

P&E Microcomputer Systems has released a free utility that allows the user to upgrade the firmware on the current JM60-OSBDM development board design. The utility may be downloaded at:

P&E's USB Multilink (part# USB-ML-12E) hardware interface is required to perform this firmware update.  The process of updating the firmware via this utility is very simple. Please follow these steps:

1. Plug the USB Multilink into the 6-pin BDM header for a JM60 device in the OSBDM design.

2. Click the "Select" button to browse for the firmware file that you would like to download to the OSBDM design.

3. Click the "Update Firmware" button to complete the firmware update.


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