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Renesas Programming - A Look At Cyclone Universal FX Features

PEmicro has now upgraded the production programming capabilities for Renesas devices. PEmicro's original Renesas programming solution, Cyclone for Renesas, has been replaced by the Cyclone FX Universal with a Renesas adapter.  The Cyclone Universal FX provides a significant upgrade in programming technology over the legacy programmer. This article will walk the user through this new technology and look at some of the powerful features that are now available when using the Cyclone FX Universal to program Renesas devices.

1. ProCryption Security

The Cyclone FX Universal includes PEmicro's ProCryption Security features. This enables users to  

  • Create RSA/AES encrypted programming images (eSAP images) that use their own uniquely generated ImageKey(s). These programming images may only be used on Cyclones that are pre-configured with the same ImageKey(s). 
  • Restrict the use of programming images by programming count and date range.

This can allow users to securely and easily update programming images at off-site facilities, and helps prevent reverse engineering and unauthorized programming of valuable IP. More information is available in our ProCryption blog post.

2. Control & Automation - Cyclone Control Suite

The Cyclone FX Universal comes with the full  Cyclone Control Suite, including its advanced features. This is a control and automation solution that allows the user to do the following:

  • Simultaneously (Gang) Control of multiple Cyclones via the USB, Serial, or Ethernet connections
  • Select and Launch Images by Name or Enumeration
  • Recover programming results and descriptive error information
  • Use automatically counting local (Cyclone stored) serial numbers
  • Add/Remove/Update multiple programming images in the Cyclone (Console, SDK, GUI)
  • Program (and Read) Dynamic Data in addition to fixed image data
  • Operate the Cyclone via Remote Display
  • Read/write Cyclone properties, read Image and target Properties and Status

These features allow the user to assemble an efficient and powerful programming system that functions with minimal user input.

3. Faster Programming Speeds

Most Renesas devices, in particular when using clock synchronous mode, will program significantly faster via the Cyclone FX Universal than they did with the (legacy) Cyclone for Renesas . This can result in a valuable time saved during production runs.

Devices programmed via UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) will see similar programming times, however.

4. Large Internal/Expandable Storage

The Cyclone FX Universal has 1 Gigabyte of encrypted internal memory which can store 200+ programming images. The Cyclone also features an SDHC port which allows memory cards to be swapped in and out. This lends an incredible versatility to programming image storage and management.

5. Launch Programming via Barcode Scanner

The Cyclone FX Universal also gives the user the ability to launch programming via barcode scanner, which plugs into the Cyclone's host USB port. An included utility allows the user to configure their barcode values. This can help reduce user error and increase efficiency on the production line by letting the barcodes represent the appropriate programming image. A scan with the barcode gun quickly and effortlessly selects the image and launches programming..


The Cyclone FX Universal excels as a secure, fast, versatile programming solution that offers powerful control and automation tools. And now users that are working with Renesas devices are able to take advantage of these useful features to help save time and money during production.

Legacy Cyclone for Renesas users who wish to upgrade to the Cyclone FX Universal programmer may receive a discount by taking advantage of PEmicro's Cyclone trade-in program.

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