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3 Upgrades Add Cyclone FX Advanced Features to the Cyclone LC

by Julie Perreault on Jul 09, 2019

The Cyclone FX comes standard with many advanced features which aren't available by default on the Cyclone LC series of programmers. PEmicro offers a licensing mechanism to add three of these advanced Cyclone FX features to the Cyclone LC : ProCryption programming protection and encryption, Advanced Automation, and external SD card storage for images. 

ProCryption Security Feature

ProCryption Security activation allows the user to unlock the same powerful protection and security features that are included with the Cyclone FX. First, it allows users to place protection on their programming images to restrict image use by date and number of programs allowed. It also allows users to create RSA/AES encrypted programming images that use their own uniquely generated ImageKeys. In this way, images can be secured so they can only be used on Cyclones which have been provisioned with the appropriate ImageKeys.

Advanced Cyclone Control Suite 

The Cyclone LC already includes many standard features for controlling a cyclone remotely including programming image add/remove, recovering programming results, and automatic serialization. The Advanced Cyclone Control Suite Upgrade activates the Advanced Automated programming features which include:

  • Add/Remove/Update many images in the Cyclone (Console, SDK, GUI)
  • Simultaneously (Gang) Control of multiple Cyclones via the USB, Serial, or Ethernet connections
  • Program (and Read) Dynamic Data in addition to fixed image data
  • Remote Display Access
  • Read/write Cyclone properties
  • Read Image and target Properties and Status
  • Compare images against a SAP file

External Image Storage on SD Card

Often a user may wish to store their images external to the device for easy transportation, organizing images, and storing larger images. Once the CYCLONE SDHC Port Activation is installed, SDHC Port functionality is identical to that of CYCLONE FX programmers.   

Easy Installation

Once an activation license is purchased, an installation code will be send via email.  Installing the license is done in four easy steps.

Step 1. Make sure the Cyclone is powered and connected to the PC or PC’s network (via USB, Ethernet, or Serial).
Step 2. Open the Cyclone Control GUI and connect to the appropriate Cyclone.

Step 3. Click the “License” tab in the Cyclone Control GUI.

Step 4. Click the “Add New License” button.

Once you add your Installation code, the License Activation window will now indicate several ways to activate the license. When the activation process is complete, the license is stored in the Cyclone and
ready for use.

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