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PEmicro Expands Support for Cypress PSoCĀ® 4, PSoC 5, & PSoC 6 Devices

PEmicro has expanded its ARM® device support of Cypress’ current PSoC 4, PSoC 5, and PSoC 6 devices. 

PEmicro's popular Multilink debug probes and Cyclone ISP programmers now include support for the following Cypress device families: 4000, 4000S, 4100, 4100S, 4100PS, 4100S Plus, 4100M, 4100BLE, 4200, 4200M, 4200L, 4XX8_BLE, 5200, 5400, 5600, and 5800, as well as Cypress’ new PSoC 6xx6 and 6xx7 series microcontrollers. 

The PSoC 4 line combines low power ARM® Cortex-M0 series processors with a platform to easily integrate analog and digital ICs, wireless connectivity, and Cypress’ various sensing technologies. 

The PSoC 5 line brings fast parallel performance with the ARM® Cortex-M3 processor while providing pre-integrated ICs to handle analog, digital, and user interface needs at a variety of operating voltages.

Cypress’ Internet of Things (IoT) oriented PSoC 6 family combines a wide array of features such as Bluetooth Low Energy, capacitive sensing, hardware cryptography, and a wide range of device security settings. The entire PSoC 6 family uses the high performance Cortex ARM® M4 processor, with an additional Cortex ARM® M0+ in the 62 and 63 lines for low-power operations.

Users may visit our Cypress support page to see our full list of supported devices.

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