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Multilink Trade-in Program

PEmicro has been offering debug probes for over 20 years. Our latest models, the Multilink and the Multilink FX, have become two of our most popular products, with tens of thousands of units sold worldwide. With so many Multilinks in use, PEmicro felt that it made sense to create a program that enables customers to turn in old/broken units for a discount when purchasing new hardware, or when upgrading from a basic to a high-speed model. Therefore PEmicro is pleased to introduce the Multilink Trade-in Program.

The Multilink Trade-in Program is simple and  straightforward. It allows you to trade-in an old or non-functional Multilink ACP, Multilink Universal, or Multilink Universal FX for a brand new Multilink or Multilink FX at discounted price. The steps below show how easy it is to replace broken units or to step up to a high-speed debug probe.  

Why upgrade to Multilink FX?

  • Saves valuable time: up to 10X faster communications speed than PEmicro's other Multilinks
  • Can provide power to the target MCU
  •  I/O line clamping for added protection
  • Supports additional NXP devices

How does the Trade-In Program work?

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