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Cyclone Programmers Overview Video

by Peter Truong & Keith McNeil on Oct 11, 2018

Note: Some of the material in this video is outdated, however it still successfully explains how the Cyclone functions in a general sense. PEmicro hopes to produce an updated version soon. 

PEmicro has designed our Cyclone LC programmers, and more advanced Cyclone FX programmers, to be helpful tools for for a broad range of production programming situations. In this video Edison Tam, one of PEmicro's senior design engineers, provides a quick and useful overview of these Cyclone programmers that will help those interested in production programming understand the Cyclone features, as well as how these features can provide specific benefits to a project or production line that save the user time and money. He demonstrates a typical configuration and use case for manual programming, as well as an overview of the control and automation features available with the Cyclone Control Suite.

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