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High Speed ARM Cortex Download, Programming, and Verification

PEmicro's CYCLONE FX programmer provides extremely high-speed and robust debug communications rates for ARM® Cortex® devices. With debug shift speeds reaching 75 Mbits/s, the download and verification rates achieved for almost every ARM Cortex device, even low-speed Cortex M0 parts, are in the MBytes per second range. 

This results in the following advantages : 

  • In most cases, the flash programming rate achieved by the CYCLONE FX is limited by the physical programming time of the underlying flash memory.
  • The verification rate for actual byte-by-byte verification is extremely fast. Even for devices where the flash programming rate is limited by the flash  architecture, the verification rate that the CYCLONE FX achieves results in substantial time savings.
  • As memory sizes increase and target flash technology improves, the impressive bandwidth advantage that the CYCLONE FX has over competitive products will result in ever larger savings on the production line.

CYCLONE FX : Measured Performance Metrics (ARM-Based Devices): 

DeviceFlash ProgrammingVerification
Microchip SAMD20 (Internal)204 KB/s1845 KB/s
Microchip SAMV70 (Internal)329 KB/s3317 KB/s
NordicSemi NRF52840 (Internal)95 KB/s1553 KB/s
NXP i.MX 1052 (Hyperflash)1250 KB/s2241  KB/s
NXP Kinetis K70 (eMMC)3063 KB/s3971 KB/s
NXP Kinetis KL25 (Internal)47 KB/s3218 KB/s
NXP Kinetis K60 (Internal)224 KB/s2957 KB/s
NXP LPC1857 (Internal)300 KB/s2379 KB/s
SiLabs EFM32GG (Internal)273 KB/s2105 KB/s
ST STM32F7 (Internal)294 KB/s993 KB/s
ST STM32F7 (Internal, with Vpp)
571 KB/s
993 KB/s
ST STM32L4 (Internal)90 KB/s2961 KB/s

CYCLONE FX : Measured Performance Metrics (Power-Based Devices):

DeviceFlash Programming
NXP MPC5674F350 KB/s
NXP MPC5748G282 KB/s
NXP MPC5777M333 KB/s
ST SPC58EC80319 KB/s
ST SPC58NE84267 KB/s

The exceptionally high performance of the CYCLONE FX programmer translates to fast programming cycle time and cost savings during production.

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