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by Keith McNeil

PEmicro's CYCLONE_UNIVERSAL and CYCLONE_UNIVERSAL_FX programmers now support STMicroelectronics' STM8 devices via the Cyclone's PORT F 6-pin header. For convenience, we also offer an STM8 Adapter, sold separately, which converts those signals to a 4-pin ERNI connector.  

STM8 Adapter

A ribbon cable connects an STM8 target device to a 4-pin ERNI connector on the adapter, which then plugs into the 6-pin target header on the Cyclone.

STM8 Adapter Connected To 6-Pin Cyclone_Universal Header

PEmicro is pleased to be able to offer the improved interface and feature options of our latest generation CYCLONE_UNIVERSAL and CYCLONE_UNIVERSAL_FX programmers for all of the STMicroelectronics devices that we support (including STM32, SPC5, and STM8). The Cyclone Universal and Cyclone Universal FX are compatible with older Cyclone for STMicro programmers. 

For those who wish to upgrade, PEmicro offers a Cyclone Trade-In Program that will allow you to exchange older Cyclone for STMicro programmers for a discount toward the purchase of an advanced CYCLONE_UNIVERSAL_FX.

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