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PEmicro Introduces Cyclone Trade-In Program

Oct 18, 2017

PEmicro is pleased to introduce our Cyclone Trade-in Program which is a simple upgrade path to trade-in an old or non-functional Cyclone unit for a discount on a new Cyclone LC or Cyclone FX programmer.

Example Configuration settings

Get Value for a Cyclone, Regardless of Condition:

Receive a discount on a new touchscreen Cyclone LC or Cyclone FX programmer by trading in a Cyclone in any condition.

Out With The Old, In With The New:

Trade in a Cyclone PRO or MAX programmer for a feature-rich, high-performance Cyclone LC or Cyclone FX programmer, for a discounted price.

Benefits of the new Cyclone LC/Cyclone FX programmer:

  • All-in one: Cyclone Universal and Cyclone Universal FX supports all devices supported by the Cyclone PRO and Cyclone MAX combined.
  • Physical upgrades such as configurable Touchscreen, increased storage.
  • Support for future devices
  • Includes Cyclone Control Suite, with features such as: log programming results and descriptive errors, read target properties and status, and more.

Transitioning from older Cyclone programmers to the latest Cyclone LC and Cyclone FX programmers is as simple as plugging them into your existing Cyclone PRO and MAX setup, with a few simple considerations. To learn how to perform this easy transition, please view our blog post about transitioning to the latest Cyclones.

Upgrade to the Cyclone FX:

Take advantage of our Cyclone Trade-in program and upgrade your Cyclone LC to a Cyclone FX at a discounted price.

Benefits of upgrading Cyclone LC to the Cyclone FX:

  • Increased programming performance speeds
  • Sophisticated programming features including advanced security, advanced serialization
  • Includes Cyclone Control Suite Advanced Automation
  • License to simultaneously (gang) control multiple Cyclones, Program/ Read Dynamic data, add/remove/update multiple images, etc.
  • Advanced programming launch via Barcode Scan
  • And many more features!

How does it work?

The Cyclone Trade-in Program is as easy as 1 2 3...

Example Configuration settings

View the Trade-In Program page.

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