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PEmicro's GDB Server Adds Support for many new ARM device Manufacturers

Jun 13, 2017

PEMicro is pleased to announce the release of a new expansion plugin for PEmicro's Eclipse GDB Server. With this release, PEmicro has added extensive new device support for a wide variety of ARM device manufacturers. Support now includes devices from NXP, Atmel, Cypress, Infineon, Maxim, Nordic, Silicon Labs, STMicro, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba. For a complete listing of supported devices, see PEmicro's supported ARM devices page..

The plug-in is available to download at no cost and also comes fully integrated with third-party IDEs such as NXP's MCUXpresso and IDEs from Keil and IAR also support these same ARM devices via integrated run control and FLASH programming support from PEMicro. Users can now seamlessly use PEmicro Cyclone and Multilink interfaces with these tools.

The PEMicro plugin fully supports the following features:

  • Debug protocol options including SWD, JTAG, Daisy Chaining, and Shift Speed
  • View variables & memory while code is running with “Real Time Expressions” view
  • OS-Aware debugging with FreeRTOS support
  • Automatically provide/switch power to the target MCU
  • Memory region preservation during programming
  • The application binary to be programmed and debugged Any additional binaries to be programmed into the device (bootloaders, etc.)
  • Whether to reset/program a target MCU or to attach (hotsync) to a running device
  • Calibration of (trimming) internal clocks for accuracy during programming
  • Partitioning FlexMemory Regions (Flash/EEProm)
  • Semihosting options allowing running code to emit debug messages
  • Temporary breakpoints
  • MCU Device Selection
  • Debug Probe Selection via USB or Ethernet
  • Initialization Scripts

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