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by Keith McNeil

PEmicro's Cyclone LC and Cyclone FX programmers represent our effort to bring next-gen technology to the popular Cyclone platform. Some of the many improvements we were able to incorporate include better usability (via the 4.3" color touchscreen display), enhanced security, larger storage, and faster communications. The first of these new programmers launched in November 2015, and we now offer two models at each of the Cyclone LC  and Cyclone FX  levels - one that supports ARM devices plus many other NXP devices, and a more economical option that supports ARM devices only.

Now that the Cyclone LC and Cyclone FX programmers are established, PEmicro will soon stop producing our older Cyclone models, such as the Cyclone PRO and Cyclone MAX. We recognize that many of our customers have been using these Cyclones for years and that these older Cyclones may be well established within their systems. Because of that, we sought to make it as simple as possible to replace the older Cyclones with the newer models, and we've produced a short guide to help explain the differences between them, as well as any steps our customers might need to make in order to transition smoothly.

Click to download our document, Transitioning from the Cyclone PRO & Cyclone MAX to Cyclone LC & Cyclone FX Programmers.

We're here if you have any questions for us - please don't hesitate to ask. Also, in the coming weeks PEmicro will be publishing a blog post that takes a closer look at one of the aspects of transitioning to the newer Cyclones: programming image compatibility, including how to update your older programming images to the newest image format, if needed.

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