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by Esteban Gonzalez

The Cyclone FX has the capability to automatically select and launch a programming image based upon a scanned barcode. This can generate an error if more than one image corresponds to the barcode or no images correspond to the barcode. The CYCLONE FX includes a way to quickly gain insight into the issue. A log file is created every time the barcode scanner operates and it details the scanned barcode as well as the analysis process used to select the appropriate programming image.

To access the barcode log, navigate in the Cyclone FX’s menu to: Menu->Status->Show Logs->Show Barcode Scanner Log. This Log document contains the details of the last barcode scanner transaction and is overwritten every time the barcode scanner is used.

A sample log file looks like this:

---Scanner Test Log Started---

Scanned barcode: P&E SN: BLUE0138230
5 total number of images in Cyclone

Processing image number 1 (Red Image v1.00)
Image number 1 does not contain a barcode test

Processing image number 2 (Red Image v1.01)
Image number 2 does not contain a barcode test

Processing image number 3 (Widget Rev C)
Image number 3 does not contain a barcode test

Processing image number 4 (Widget Rev D)
Image number 4 does not contain a barcode test

Processing image number 5 (Green Product v7)
Image number 5 passes character test
Image number 5 does not contain a range test 
image number 5 passes Barcode Test

One Image passes barcode test
Image number 5 selected to execute

Success, image selected and program command sent

---Scanner Test Log Finished---

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