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Tip: How to Remotely View and Interact with the Cyclone Touchscreen

The Cyclone LC and Cyclone FX programmers from PEmicro have large 4.3” touchscreens which allow the user to see the Cyclone’s current status, select programming images, configure settings, and more. However, sometimes the Cyclone may be either at a remote location or physically inaccessible. For example, Cyclone programmers are often mounted within enclosed test fixtures and sometimes even have the screens physically removed to save space. In any of these cases, the touchscreen can also be accessed remotely, via Ethernet and USB.

Figure 1: Remotely View & Interact with Touchscreen Menu
Remotely View & Interact with Touchscreen Menu

While there are many ways to interact with a Cyclone, including graphical utilities, command-line utilities, and DLLs, the touchscreen can often be very convenient. Let's look at how easy it is to launch

If you are using a Cyclone FX programmer you can view and interact with a Cyclone’s display from the PC by running the Cyclone Control GUI, which is one of the three components of the Cyclone Control Suite. Next, click on the Remote Display Tab. This tab will show the current display of the Cyclone.

Figure 2: Remote Display Tab Selected in Cyclone Control GUI
Display Read From Cyclone

The display is a pixel by pixel representation of the Cyclone’s touchscreen. The utility checks every second for changes in the display and updates the image to the current display.

Clicking on this window with the mouse pointer has the same effect as physically touching the Cyclone’s touchscreen.

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