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by Takao Yamada

PEmicro has just released pipelined programming algorithms for a variety of Power Architecture devices. These new pipelined algorithms can be huge time-savers for those who program Power Architecture devices either in development or on their manufacturing lines, as they result in 50% to 100% faster programming times than using non-pipelined algorithms.

These significant programming performance improvements are available for the following Power Architecture device families:
  • NXP MPC56xx
  • NXP MPC57xx
  • ST Micro SPC56xx
  • ST Micro SPC57xx
  • ST Micro SPC58xx

PEmicro understands that for both large and small production programming runs, time spent is critical. The latest update of the CYCLONE and CYCLONE FX standalone flash programming software, currently available for download, automatically leverages the pipelined algorithms. The fastest programming performance is achieved by the CYCLONE FX hardware which is uniquely designed to facilitate pipelining and high-speed communications. In many cases the flash programming rate is limited by the physical programming time of the underlying flash cells! Measured pipelined programming speeds can be seen here:

In a development environment, PEmicro’s Multilink debug probes and Cyclone programmers can also take advantage of the pipelined algorithms. The latest PEmicro software releases, including PEmicro's PROG flash programmer and NXP's S32 Design Studio IDE, automatically leverage this pipelining. The figure below shows an example of flash programming speeds achieved during load when using PEmicro’s development software on the PC via the Multilink and Multilink FX interfaces:

In the production environment, and during the development process, these performance improvements should result in improved efficiency and lower costs for customers.

Users can update their S32 Power IDE to the latest plugin to take advantage of these new speeds by navigating to Help Menu -> Install New Software and adding to find the latest Eclipse plugins from PEmicro's website.

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