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PEmicro Launches New Debug & Programming Tools for ARM devices

Oct 20, 2016

PEmicro has announced the release of a new Multilink development tool and a new Cyclone manufacturing tool, both focused specifically on ARM Cortex devices.

Multilink ACP

The development tool is the Multilink ACP, which joins PEmicro's successful line of Multilink debug probes. The Multilink ACP features support for ARM Cortex devices only, which allows PEmicro to offer this new Multilink at a terrific value.The Multilink ACP supports a wide variety of ARM device manufacturers. A full list can be browsed at PEmicro's ARM device portal.

Cyclone ACP FX

The manufacturing tool is PEmicro's new Cyclone ACP FX production programmer. The Cyclone ACP FX is a flagship Cyclone FX programmer, but with a focus on ARM devices only. The Cyclone ACP FX features blazing programming speed, a huge internal memory,enhanced security features (such as the ability to add restrictions to specific programming images), an SD port for expandable memory, and expansion ports that enable unique, valuable plug-ins such as a bar code scanner for programming.

PEmicro will be showing these new tools for ARM device development and production, along with other new PEmicro technology, at ARM Techcon in Santa Clara, CA on Oct. 25-27. PEmicro welcomes visitors and will be at booth #801.

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