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NXP LPC LPC4315JET100E is supported!

NXP LPC4315JET100E Device Information

The LPC4315JET100E device is produced by NXP and is part of the LPC LPC43xx device family. The device supports 6 hardware breakpoints.

PEmicro provides various tools which work with the LPC4315JET100E, many of which are free.

PEmicro Software Device Selector

Use the device selector "LPC4315" when using PEmicro/compatible software. LPC4315JET100E is a part number that falls under PEmicro's LPC4315 designation.

Download PEmicro's NXP LPC4315JET100E Flash Algorithms

LPC4315JET100E uses the PEmicro programming algorithm(s) listed below for internal flash programming:

  • NXP_LPC4315_1x32x192k.arp
  • NXP_LPC4315_1x32x4k_eeprom.arp

Please note: Depending on the specific device, PEmicro may also have algorithms available for SPI / Quad SPI / Parallel external flash programming. Head to our Support - Flash Programming Algorithms page to view/download all available PEmicro algorithms for LPC4315JET100E devices.

In-Circuit Programming (High- and Low-Volume)

In addition to supporting flash programming as part of the development process, PEmicro has excellent support for repetitive in-circuit programming for ARM Cortex devices during manufacturing. Regardless of whether small lots are being programmed manually by non-technical labor, or huge numbers are being produced by automated equipment, PEmicro's in-circuit Cyclone programmers are perfect for the job. The Cyclone is robust, low cost, fast, and extremely easy to use. It can program using either JTAG or SWD protocols. The Cyclone also includes features such as programming, verification, serialization, error recovery, CRC calculations, trim, security, and more.

The Cyclone programmer is a stand-alone unit and does not require a PC for programming. Programming can be controlled via a single button press or fully automated into the production process with our automated control API. Programming images can be loaded onto the Cyclone via serial, USB, or Ethernet and controlled via these same interfaces. A single button press can start programming with clear indications of success or failure. PEmicro provides an automated control software package for integrating programming control into the production process.

PEmicro offers two categories of in-circuit production programmers that support the NXP LPC4315JET100E:

  • Cyclone LC - Our Cyclone LC programmers are robust, reliable, flexible production programmers that can be fully automated, operated remotely, and used in stand-alone mode.
  • Cyclone FX - These are our flagship programmers that add a host of high-end features to the Cyclone platform, including blazing fast speed (which saves valuable time on the production line), enhanced security features that give you flexibilty with how to protect your IP, larger internal storage, expandable storage via SD card, and unique add-ons like barcode scanning are available via USB host and extension ports.

Cyclone Control Suite

Cyclone LC and Cyclone FX both include the Cyclone Control Suite, which consists of three distinct tools to help the user control and automate the programming process. Cyclone FX users have some advanced features available to them, such as gang programming. Cyclone LC users can purchase a separate license if they need access to these advanced features.

Software Development & Debug Support

There are many free and commercially available development tools which support PEmicro's hardware interfaces. PEmicro supports GDB based development setups with easily installed plug-ins and tools. PEmicro's hardware and software support is fully featured, cost effective, and high performance.

  • GDB debugger within Eclipse - PEmicro provides a no-cost plug-in for Eclipse which integrates PEmicro hardware support for many different ARM devices seamlessly into Eclipse. The plug-in includes the GDB server, so there is no separate software needed. The GDB support includes flash programming, provisioning, trim, hardware breakpoints, software breakpoints, and more. Linux and Windows are supported. PEmicro's GDB Eclipse Plug-in for the LPC4315JET100E is available at no charge!
  • Commercial Tool Support - PEmicro hardware and debug for this device is supported in many leading toolchains including: NXP Codewarrior, NXP MCUXpresso, IAR Workbench, EMPROG Thunderbench, Keil Microcontroller Development Kit, and more. Click to view additional information about 3rd party IDEs.

Debug/Programming Hardware

PEmicro has two major hardware types which can control, debug and program the LPC4315JET100E: the USB Multilink debug cables and the Cyclone automated in-circuit programmers.

USB Multilinks

The USB Multilink hardware cables are designed primarily for development. PEmicro offers the low-cost Multilink ACP debug probe, which supports ARM devices from a broad array of manufacturers. For those who also work with additional NXP or STMicroelectronics 8-/16-/32-bit devices we offer the all-in-one Multilink Universal debug probe. And for those looking for a big boost in speed (up to 10x), or the ability for the Multilink to power the target, we offer our flagship USB Multilink Universal FX debug probe.

These high-speed USB interfaces are fully featured and robust solutions for development. In addition to development and test software, PEmicro offers the PROG for ARM Cortex Processors flash programming software which runs in Windows and can be used along with these Multilinks to flash program many ARM Cortex devices.

Cyclone Programmers

PEmicro's Cyclone LC or Cyclone FX in-circuit programmers can be used during development, and they will add capabilities such as Ethenet and Serial connectivity, as well as the ability to switch target power. But they are also primarily full in-circuit production programmers that are ideally suited to the rigors of a manufacturing environment. They come with all the software and utilities needed to rapidly program target processors. They can be integrated into an automated process or controlled by a single button press without the need for a PC. Cyclone FX programmers add a host of high-end features to the Cyclone platform, including blazing fast speed (which saves valuable time on the production line), enhanced security features that give you flexibilty with how to protect your IP, larger internal storage, and expandable storage via SD card.

Custom In-Circuit Test Application Development

PEmicro's UNIT Interface Library Routines allow the user to create a Windows or Linux application which can fully control the execution of the embedded LPC4315JET100E processor via one of PEmicro's hardware interfaces.

UNIT Interface Library

The PC-based application can peek and poke memory, peripherals, and other resources of the embedded processor through the debug port. Applications can use this ability to perform tests of the target hardware, calculate target calibration data, or UNIT can simply be a way to develop a totally custom application which controls the target via debug mode. The advantage of using debug mode is that the processor doesn't need to be running application code or even be programmed for the PC application to fully exercise the processor's capabilities. Information about this test product which supports the LPC4315JET100E can be found on the UNITACMP product page. PEmicro has also written an Expert's Corner white paper which describes how to use the UNIT library to create an in-circuit test for boards containing a device similar to the LPC4315JET100E.

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