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Type Name / Size / Description
Utility ADDCRC  (36 KB)
Generates new CRC for modified algorithm to remove CRC warning message
Utility ADDLPT - Specify/Use a PCI Parallel Port  (246 KB)
This utility allows PEmicro parallel port interface cables to make use of parallel ports which are specified by the user according to their address. This allows virtual or PCI based parallel ports which are not registered in the BIOS to be used. These settings are remembered in the registry and are shared by different PEmicro applications.
Utility BIN2S19  (304 KB)
Converts binary to S-record files. Updated for 64 bit
Utility BLK_SREC  (433 KB)
Motorola S-Record Blocking Utility.
Utility CONVERT  (555 KB)
Converts HEX to S19 & Vice-Versa.
Utility Driver Test  (222 KB)
This file tests the PEmicro Version 12.7 and OSBDM Driver file structure to make sure all drivers are in the correct place. This utility does not perform any functional tests. Version numbers/dates are also noted. Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 compatible
Utility ELF2SRC  (216 KB)
Converts ELF to Motorola S-Record
Utility Kinetis Recovery Utility  (6156 KB)
Utility that attempts to restore debug functionality to NXP Kinetis processors where the RESET pin is disabled or not connected.
Utility Log2phy_12  (4072 KB)
Utility which converts HC(S)12(X) Logical Records to Physical S-Records.
Now supports S12X devices EEPROM.
Utility LST2MAP  (28 KB)
Converts listing to PEmicro MAP file
Utility MOVE_S19  (439 KB)
Changes address of Motorola S-Records
Utility SERIALIZE Legacy - Use an Automated Serial Number  (262 KB)
Allows the generation of a .SER serial number description file. This graphical utility sets up a serial number which will count according to the bounds set by the user. The .SER file can be called by the PROG flash programmer to program a serial number into the target, or loaded into the cyclone standalone image.
Utility SHOWMAP  (17 KB)
Shows the contents of PEmicro MAP files
Utility S_TEST  (224 KB)
Windows Commandline utility that tests S-record files
Utility Unsecure_12  (5699 KB)
Utility which unsecures HC(S)12(X) devices via PEmicro's BDM Interfaces such as Cyclone-PRO, USB-ML-12, and BDM-Multilink. All information on the device will be erased. This version supports the Rev B and Rev C Multilink. It can now unsecure the XExxx and Pxxx.
Utility UNSECURE_CF  (2081 KB)
This application allows an ColdFire V2 processor with internal flash to be unsecured via the following PEmicro hardware interfaces: USB-ML-CF or USB-ML-CFE (Rev C) USB-ML-UNIVERSAL (all revisions) USB-ML-UNIVERSAL-FX (Rev B and higher) When a device is secure it will not respond to BDM (Background Debug Mode) commands and must be unsecured via JTAG mode. In order to properly unsecure the device, the bus frequency on reset must be input by the user. This utility is supported in Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
Utility WINXP2.REG  (1 KB)
Disables autodetect sequence on the parallel port under XP.

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