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Type Name / Size / Description
Software Update PEmicro Hardware Interface Drivers, v.12 (Win XP/Vista/7/8/10)  (2890 KB)
Version 12.7 Adds support for 64 bit PEmicro applications. Also it includes the atom fix which affects very select users. Installs PEmicro drivers to allow applications to communicate with PEmicro hardware. Please note that not all hardware may be supported for your OS. This does not include the application level support which comes with the different products. Administrator privilege is now required. Released 11/30/2017.
Software Update USB Multilink Universal (and FX) Resource CD  (9804 KB)
Contains firmware config utility, up-to-date firmware, technical summary, and other resources for both USB Multilink Universal and USB Multilink Universal FX. Now updated for USB Multilink Universal Rev D and USB Multilink Universal FX Rev C.
Utility ADDLPT - Specify/Use a PCI Parallel Port  (246 KB)
This utility allows PEmicro parallel port interface cables to make use of parallel ports which are specified by the user according to their address. This allows virtual or PCI based parallel ports which are not registered in the BIOS to be used. These settings are remembered in the registry and are shared by different PEmicro applications.
Utility SERIALIZE Legacy - Use an Automated Serial Number  (262 KB)
Allows the generation of a .SER serial number description file. This graphical utility sets up a serial number which will count according to the bounds set by the user. The .SER file can be called by the PROG flash programmer to program a serial number into the target, or loaded into the cyclone standalone image.
Manual / Documentation CPROG32Z - Command-line Programmer Documentation  (13 KB)
Document describing the command-line parameters for the command line flash programming application. Has an example of writing a programming script file and also of reading the programming result with a batch file.
Manual / Documentation IAR Workbench for ARM - Multilink/Cyclone Settings  (1068 KB)
This document describes how to configure IAR's Workbench for ARM versions 6.1 and later to use PEmicro's Multilink debug probes and Cyclone programmers.
Manual / Documentation Sample UNIT API Documentation  (9 KB)
This document contains a sampling of some of the calls that are available in the UNIT libraries. Precise implementations will vary by processor family. This example document was derived from the UNITHCS08 API.
Manual / Documentation USB Multilink Universal Fact Sheet  (144 KB)
Fact sheet offering summary of usage and features for USB Multilink Universal, Rev. C.
Manual / Documentation USB Multilink Universal FX Fact Sheet  (300 KB)
Fact sheet with brief description of USB Multilink Universal FX usage and features.
Manual / Documentation User Guide: PEmicr Serial SPI Memory Programming for ARM devices  (835 KB)
User Guide: PEmicro Serial SPI Memory Programming for ARM devices (.pdf)
Manual / Documentation WinIDE User Guide  (332 KB)
Documents how to use PEmicro's WinIDE.
Tech Summary Multilink Universal/Universal FX Tech Summary  (719 KB)
Usage and other instructions for USB Multilink Universal & USB Multilink Universal FX. Document version 1.12, updated Sept 2018.
Tech Summary Technical Summary for USB Multilink ACP, Rev. A  (302 KB)
Technical Summary for USB Multilink ACP, Rev. A, v.1.01, Updated May 2017 - v.1.01. Updates to software support, branding, production programming path. - v.1.00. Instructions on usage of the Multilink ACP debug probe. Includes header pinouts, troubleshooting, etc.
Flash Algorithm Algorithms for NXP 683xx, External Flash  (6626 KB)
Algorithms for NXP 683xx, External Flash (.zip)
Flash Algorithm Algorithms for NXP 683xx, Internal Flash  (45 KB)
Algorithms for NXP 683xx, Internal Flash (.zip)

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