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Development Package Overview
P&E's Qorivva development package is a complete, inexpensive, Windows-based development suite for NXP's Qorivva MPC5xxx (full package support) and MPC56xx (excludes GCC support) microcontrollers. The package includes all of the software you need to develop your application, including the GNU C compiler, P&E flash programming software, and P&E in-circuit debugger.

The package features the GNU C Compiler Collection for Qorivva e200z6 cores, which makes it a comprehensive solution for developing with the C language. Compile with one touch from our editing environment -- no need to run a UNIX sim on top of Windows!

Note: GCC does not yet feature support for NXP's MPC56xx and MPC57xx devices. The other PKG Qorivva components (PROG and ICD) fully support MPC56xx and MPC57xx devices.

Download 64K Starter Edition at no cost!

Qorivva MPC5xxx simplifies development with GCC:

  • Easily configure compiler options within WinIDE
  • GCC runs directly from WinIDE and Windows without using a complex UNIX shell
  • Without using a makefile, WinIDE builds your C application using a modifiable Windows batch file
  • WinIDE highlights syntax errors in your C source code
  • Includes startup code and linker scripts for the MPC5553DEMO and MPC5554DEMO evaluation boards
  • Program your code into flash using the PROGPPCNEXUS flash programmer
  • Debug your C code using the ELF/DWARF(v. 2.0) file format and P&E's ICDPPCNEXUS software

The Qorivva Software Quick Start Guide includes step-by-step instructions for using Qorivva MPC5xxx Software with the MPC5553DEMO and MPC5554DEMO development boards. (PKGPPCNEXUS_USB does not include a development board). The User's Manual and Application Framework And Solutions Guide explain how to create a Qorivva application. These guides are available to download.

PKGPPCNEXUS includes the following GNU software components:

  • GCC version 3.4.4
  • Binutils version 2.15.91
  • Newlib version 1.13.0

The P&E GNU software supports processors that implement the Qorivva e200z6 core and e200z3 core operating in non-VLE mode.

P&E provides technical support for one year for the WinIDE environment, debugger, and flash programmer. P&E does not directly support the GNU compiler, but we have tightly integrated the compiler into the P&E toolchain. The WinIDE environment controls the input options to the GNU compiler, and P&E's debugger and flash programmer support the output of the GNU software.

Source code for the GNU compiler is available at the Add-ons link at the top left of this page.

Development Package Contents
Qorivva Development Packages include one of the following pieces of hardware:

The Qorivva MPC5xxx Development Packages also include all of the following software tools:

Compare Hardware Interfaces

  Multilink Universal Multilink Universal FX Cyclone MAX
Usage Development Development Development & Low - or High-Volume Production
Operating Modes Tethered to PC Tethered to PC Tethered to PC or Stand-Alone Programming Mode
Supports Multiple MCUs Yes Yes Yes
Communications High-Speed USB 2.0 High-Speed USB 2.0 Full-Speed USB 1.1, Ethernet, Serial
Speed Moderate Very Fast* Very Fast
Power Management Does not provide target power Can provide 3V/5V via ribbon cable Does not provide target power
Automation Scripted programming with CPROG** Scripted programming with CPROG** Includes free basic Cyclone automated control package
Included Software None None • Interactive programming software
• Basic automation package
• Stand-alone configuration utilities
*Performance boost is greatest for synchronous devices such as Kinetis, ColdFire V2/3/4, PX Series, DSC, HC 16/683xx.
**CPROG sold separately
Development Package Features
ICDPPCNEXUS In-Circuit Debugger
P&E's ICDPPCNEXUS is a powerful tool for debugging code on Qorivva MPC5xxx series devices, giving you access to all on-chip resources.

Debugger features include:

  • Full-speed in-circuit emulation
  • Breakpoints with counters on the Nth execution
  • Variables window showing bytes, words
  • Realtime execution as well as multiple tracing modes
  • Startup and Macro files for automating the debug process
  • Context-sensitive help for all commands
  • Timing measurement and execution count functions
  • Support for symbolic register files
  • Full assembly source-level debugging
  • C source-level debugging (ELF/DWARF 2.0, IEEE695)

P&E's PROGPPCNEXUS Flash/EEPROM Programmer allows you to program/reprogram flash devices in-circuit via one of P&E's hardware interfaces, such as the Multilink Universal or Cyclone MAX. It also includes the command-line version of the programmer software, CPROGPPCNEXUS. Together they are perfect for development, production line programming, or field firmware upgrades.

Programmer functions include:

  • Program
  • Verify
  • Blank check
  • Upload
  • Display
  • Erase

WINPPCNEXUS Windows Integrated Development Environment
P&E's WinIDE allows you to run external programs--including assembler, C compiler, debugger, and flash programmer--in one environment, with a single hotkey for each.

Editor features include:

  • Code syntax highlighting
  • GCC syntax error highlighting
  • Executes external programs

REGPPCNEXUS Qorivva MPC5xxx Register File Viewer/Editor
REGPPCNEXUS adds symbolic bit field debugging of registers for select MPC5xxx devices. The current register file is read from the device and displayed symbolically and numerically, then the modified value is written back to the device.


  • View and edit the registers and register bits
  • Shows "Read Only," "Write Only," and "Not Implemented" bits of microcontroller registers
  • Create your own register files for any memory-mapped peripherals

About the 64K Starter Edition of the PKGPPCNEXUS:

There is a starter version of this software package available for download at no charge. The following additional features are included in the full version of the PKGPPCNEXUS compared to the no-cost starter version:

1. An unlimited amount of user code may be compiled, debugged, and flash programmed into the target processor (versus 64KBytes loaded code, 5000 source lines, 2500 symbols). The starter kit limits the load size (64K) into the debugger, the programming size (64K) in the flash programmer, and the code size (64K) of the output file generated by the compiler in WinIde. No limitation is made to the GNU compiler included in the starter kit which can be run without limitation from outside of the development environment.
2. While the starter kit includes templates to demonstrate functionality of different Qorivva MPC5xxx evaluation boards, the full version adds other templates supporting a range of hardware and memory configurations.
3. The full version comes with P&E's CABPPCNEXUS hardware interface to facilitate debug and program of Nexus boards which include the standard NXP debug connector.
4. The full edition comes with an automated version of the flash programmer which allows programming according to a script file. The starter kit includes the interactive flash programmer in which the user directly controls the flash programming process (also included in the full edition).

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Supported Qorivva Device Families
  • MPC5554
  • MPC5553
  • MPC5534
  • MPC5565
  • MPC5516
  • MPC5533
  • MPC5566
  • MPC5567
  • MPC563xM_Rev0
  • MPC560xB_512K
  • MPC560xP
  • MPC560xS
  • MPC5674F
  • MPC5668
  • MPC5561
  • MPC564xA
  • MPC560xB_1536K
  • MPC5643L
  • MPC563xM_Rev2
  • MPC5674F_Rev2
  • MPC5645S
  • MPC567xK
  • MPC563xM_Rev1
  • MPC560xP_256K
  • MPC560xB_256K
  • MPC564xB
  • MPC567xR
  • MPC5770TV
  • MPC5604E
  • MPC560xBK
  • SPC56xP60
  • MPC5746M
  • MPC5744P
  • MPC5744K
  • MPC5777M
  • MPC5775x
  • SPC56xL70
  • MPC5746R
  • CORE_z1
  • MPC5748G
  • SPC572L
  • MPC5777C
  • MPC5746C
  • System Requirements
    Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

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    PKGPPCNEXUS_CMAX Qorivva MPC5xxx Development Package (Cyclone MAX and PKGPPCNEXUS Software Package) US$1,748.00
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    In Stock PKGPPCNEXUS-USB-UNIV-FX Qorivva MPC5xxx Development Package (USB-ML-UNIVERSAL-FX Interface and Software Package) US$1,248.00
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    In Stock PKGPPCNEXUS-USB-UNIVERSAL Qorivva MPC5xxx Development Package (USB-ML-UNIVERSAL Interface and Software Package) US$1,048.00
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    In Stock PKGPPCNEXUS_SW Qorivva MPC5xxx Development Package (Software Only) US$849.00
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