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Cyclone MAX Automated Programmer

Cyclone MAX Overview
P&E Microcomputer Systems’ Cyclone MAX is an extremely flexible tool designed for in-circuit flash programming, debugging, and testing of NXP ColdFire V2/V3/V4, Power MPC5xx/8xx, Qorivva MPC55xx/MPC56xx/MPC57xx & STMicroelectronics SPC56, Kinetis ARM® processor-based MCUs (includes L-Series), DSC (MC56F80xx, MC56F82xx, MC56F83xx, and MC56F84xx), and MAC7xxx ARM® processor-based MCUs.

Please note that the Cyclone Universal and Cyclone Universal FX are expected to replace the Cyclone MAX by the end of 2016.

By connecting to a simple BDM header on the target, the Cyclone MAX can program, test, or debug internal memory on a NXP processor or external flash connected to the processor's address/data bus. The processor or memory device can be mounted on the final printed circuit board before programming.

The Cyclone MAX may be operated interactively via Windows based programming applications as well as under batch or dll commands from a PC. Once loaded with data by a PC it can be disconnected and operated manually in a completely stand-alone mode via the LCD menu and control buttons. The Cyclone MAX has over 7Mbytes of non-volatile memory, which allows the onboard storage of multiple programming images. When connected to a PC for programming or loading it can communicate via the ethernet, USB, or serial interfaces.

The Cyclone MAX comes with intuitive configuration software, as well as easy to use automated control software. The Cyclone MAX also functions as a full-featured debug interface, and is supported by development software from P&E, NXP, and many other third parties.

Is there a device you would like this Cyclone to support? Please let us know!

Cyclone MAX At A Glance
  • Several Supported Architectures
    NXP ColdFire V2/V3/V4, Power BDM (MPC5xx/8xx), Qorivva (MPC5xxx) & STMicroelectronics SPC56, Kinetis (includes L-Series), DSC (MC56F80xx, MC56F82xx, MC56F83xx, and MC56F84xx), and MAC7xxx ARM® processor-based microcontrollers.

  • Multiple Communications Interfaces
    USB, Serial, and Ethernet interfaces.

  • On-Board Storage
    The Cyclone MAX may be pre-programmed with a non-volatile programming image and controlled via the LCD/Buttons or remotely from a PC. Stand-alone programming operation does not require a PC.

  • Multiple Image Support
    Multiple programming images may be stored in Cyclone MAX memory. Learn more about managing multiple images in our Expert's Corner.

  • LCD Display
    An LCD menu display, in conjunction with the status LEDs and buttons, allows stand-alone control and configuration of the Cyclone MAX.

Cyclone MAX LCD Menu
  • Serial Number Programming
    The Cyclone can program dynamic data, such as serial numbers.
  • Debugging

  • Interactive Programming via a Host PC

  • Stand-alone Operation

  • PC Controlled Stand-alone Programming

  • User Controlled Stand-alone Programming

  • Third-party API

    Explore Cyclone MAX functions...
  • Software
    Highly intuitive configuration software, automated control software, and interactive programming software. Supported by development software from P&E, NXP, and other third party vendors.
    View complete list...

  • Power Supply/Cables
    Ships with a power supply, communications interface cables, and target connection cables for a variety of microcontrollers. This includes a JTAG-SWD Adapter with mini-10 and mini-20 pin ribbon cables for Kinetis L-Series devices.
    View complete list...
    The Cyclone MAX includes a ribbon cable for connecting to ColdFire V2-4 targets, however the MCF5272 & MCF5206(E) devices will require this adapter cable (not included with the Cyclone) to synchronize the communications signals (as these devices do not do this on-chip).

  • CompactFlash Activation
    Expand the Cyclone's memory by activating the CompactFlash expansion port.

  • Cyclone Automated Programming Package
    .DLL that allows control of multiple Cyclones, dynamic data programming, access to multiple programming images, and more.
  • Without Cables or CompactFlash
    7 3/8"L x 3 7/8"W x 1 3/16"H
Cyclone MAX In Depth
In the following sections we show you the main working modes of the Cyclone MAX. You may also view a more detailed animated demonstration of how the Cyclone MAX (Rev. A) works.
Cyclone MAX Functionality
Interactive Programming via a Host PC
Stand-alone Operation
PC Controlled Stand-alone Programming
User Controlled Stand-alone Programming
Third-party API

Cyclone MAX Contents
Accompanying Software and Utilities
Power Supply and Cables
Speed Comparison

Cyclone MAX ColdFire Target Download Speed To RAM


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Interactive Debugging
The Cyclone MAX can be used in an interactive fashion via the Serial, USB, or Ethernet ports in order to connect to and debug a microprocessor-based target. The Serial and USB ports can be used to access the target hardware directly from the Host PC, while the Ethernet port allows the target hardware to be placed anywhere on the corporate LAN or even the Internet.

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Interactive Programming via a Host PC

Like the Interactive Debug mode, the Interactive Programming mode allows for programming the flash of a target hardware via the Serial, USB, or Ethernet interfaces. The user can accomplish this either manually through the PROG software, or in an automated fashion through running the command line version of the programmer (CPROG). When used with the command line version of the Programmer, the Cyclone MAX can return error codes, which provide for a seamless and automated means of programming target hardware and getting pass/fail status.

  1. Host PC Command Packet Launches Programming
  2. Cyclone PRO/MAX Image Programmed To Target
  3. Cyclone Receovers Successful Result Or Error To PC

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Stand-alone Operation

Although the Cyclone MAX can be used in an interactive mode to program or debug target hardware, one of its best features is its ability to work in a pre-configured, stand-alone mode. This ability is very useful for tasks like upgrading firmware in the field, or programming target boards on production lines. In this mode, the user pre-configures the Cyclone MAX with an image that is to be programmed into the target hardware. Once the Cyclone MAX is configured, the programming process may be initiated from the Host PC or by an operator in the field.

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PC Controlled Stand-alone Programming

In this mode, an image has already been programmed into the Cyclone MAX. The PC launches the programming process with a simple command packet. Flash programming occurs directly from the Cyclone PRO/MAX image to the target. The result is sent back to the host computer. As part of the command packet, dynamic data such as a serial number may be added to the fixed image being programmed into the target.

The Cyclone PRO includes the Basic Edition of P&E's Cyclone Automated Control Package. This allows the user to automate programming with one programming image on one Cyclone. P&E also offers enhanced editions of the control package which include features like:

  • Multiple Cyclone Control
  • Error Detection
  • Dynamic Data Programming
  • Image Maintenance
For more information about the Cyclone Automated Control Package, please see the product page.

PC Control Of Multiple Cyclones

User Control In Stand-Alone Mode

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User Controlled Stand-alone Programming

When detached from a PC, the Cyclone MAX can still operate as a stand-alone programmer. The buttons are used to launch the programming process, and the LEDs display the status of the programming operation. This is ideal for short programming runs or for field updates, where having a PC may not be desirable.

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Third-party API

Interactive debug, programming, and stand-alone operations can be performed using third-party tools. P&E publishes an API in the form of UNIT libraries that allow third-party developers to access the Cyclone MAX’s features via Serial, USB, or Ethernet ports. For more information, please see the INTERFACE LIBRARY ROUTINES.

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Accompanying Software and Utilities

The Cyclone Max is accompanied by the following software and utilities:

  • Cyclone Max IP Setup Utility: Network IP Setup Utility which enables users to set network parameters, associate a name with each particular Cyclone MAX, and upgrade the Cyclone MAX Firmware.
  • Interactive Programming Software: Allows manually-controlled programming for ColdFire V2/V3/V4, Power MPC5xx/8xx, and Qorivva MPC5xxx (Nexus) devices.
  • Cyclone Max Image Creation Utility: Configures the Cyclone Max with a programming image.
  • SAP Launch Utility: May be invoked in a batch file to carry out preconfigured operations.

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Power Supply and Cables

Ships with Power Supply, DB9 Serial Cable, Ethernet Cable, USB 2.0 A/B Cable, JTAG-SWD adapter with mini-10 and mini-20 pin ribbon cables, as well as target connection cables for: Asynchronous ColdFire V2/3/4, Power MPC5xx/8xx, Qorivva MPC5xxx, DSC, and ARM® processor-based microcontrollers.

* The Cyclone MAX hardware supports multiple architectures and comes with flash programming software and configuration utilities for all such architectures. To use the Cyclone MAX to in-circuit debug target processors, the optional in-circuit debugging software must be purchased. See "Add-ons" at the bottom of this page to see all currently-available debug software for the Cyclone MAX.

Which Cyclone Should I Choose?

System Requirements
Windows 2000/XP (32- or 64-bit)
Windows Vista (32- or 64-bit)
Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit)
Windows 8 (32- or 64-bit)
Windows 10 (32- or 64-bit)

Pricing Details
In Stock CYCLONE_MAX Programmer & Debug Interface for ColdFire V2-4, Power 5xx/8xx, Qorivva & STMicroelectronics SPC56, Kinetis, DSC, & MAC7xxx US$899.00
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Packages and Kits (containing this product)
ColdFire Development Package (Cyclone MAX Interface and Software Package)
ColdFire Development Package w/ GNU C Compiler (Cyclone MAX Interface and PKGCFZ_PRO_SW)
Qorivva MPC5xxx Development Package (Cyclone MAX and PKGPPCNEXUS Software Package)
Power Architecture 5xx/8xx BDM Development Package (Cyclone MAX and PKGPPCZ Software Package)

Accessories & Add-ons
In Stock
14-Pin Berg to 38-Pin Mictor Adaptor
In Stock
26-pin Synchronous ColdFire Ribbon Cable Adapter (Universal, Universal FX Only)
In Stock
Rechargeable Lithium Ion PowerPack for Cyclone stand-alone programmers
In Stock
Cyclone MAX adapter module, provides mini-10 and mini-20 connectors for JTAG / SWD
In Stock
CompactFlash License and CompactFlash Card (Package)
In Stock
Cyclone Power Supply Replacement Part
In Stock
Cyclone Automated Control Package: Professional Edition
In Stock
Power Architecture 5xx/8xx Library Routines (1 Developer, 5 Machine, Windows)
In Stock
Cyclone Automated Control Package: Enterprise Edition
In Stock
Power Architecture 5xx/8xx In-Circuit Debugger Software Single User License
In Stock
GDB Server for ARM® devices
In Stock
ColdFire Library Routines (1 Developer, 5 Machine, Windows)
In Stock
ColdFire In-Circuit Debugger Software
In Stock
Qorivva MPC5xxx Library Routines (1 Developer, 5 Machine, Windows)
In Stock
Compact Flash Activation License. Compact flash card available separately.

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